“Thanks again for a wonderful trip to Yellowstone. This was my sixth trip into slough Creek with clients of mine, an excellent trip as usual and I thank you for your fine hospitality. They all commented about the excellent meals you provided. Your ability to provide a comfortable camp with the use of trained llamas really adds to an already enjoyable trip. Handling the llamas was very easy. The fishing was excellent! We caught some beautiful cutthroats. I look forward to another trip to Slough Creek this coming summer”.

Mike Etchingham (Etch)

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We offer a unique opportunity to blend the best in fly fishing and naturalist led treks.

For years, we have developed treks which address the interests of the most avid fly fisherman (angler) and non-fishing partners.

Services which are able to cater to individuals and groups at such a high level are rare.

At Llama Trips in Yellowstone
, we are very proud of the services we provide and of the large return clientele
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