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Let our lovable llamas relieve the burden of a backpack while you enjoy an area world-renowned for its' wilderness, wildlife and natural beauty. Our goal is to become better acquainted with the fragile wilderness ecosystems and to assure minimal impact upon them.

Mild mannered, efficient and environmentally sound llamas carry the pack load so hikers can leave the wilderness virtually untouched for others to enjoy.

Surround yourself with the wonders of Yellowstone as we explain its history , wildlife, natural features and man's impact on its' ecosystem.

Llama Trips in Yellowstone offers a variety of treks, each individually customized to meet individual tastes and needs. The type of customized treks we offer include but are not limited to the following:

Family Adventure Treks Fun and educational treks designed specifically to inspire your young family to look at the world around them.

Fly Fishing Treks Seasoned or beginner; fish the best trout waters of Yellowstone. We also provide alternative methods for folks unskilled with a fly rod.

Naturalist Treks • Explore the geology, history and flora and fauna of Yellowstone with us.

Blended Trek • Join us to explore the geology, history, flora, fauna, social and political issues of Yellowstone National Park.


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Fly Fishing Treks
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Bill and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience with you this summer in the Bechler region. We were able to appreciate how easy it is to hike with llamas, with their gentle natures and comfortable pace, They are so “low impact”!  We really valued how clean you kept your camps. The whole experience was very positive, and we sincerely hope we will go again with you in the near future. Thank you so much!

Pamela R. Bryan,Co-Founder & Vice Chairman, Off the Beaten Path, Bozeman, Montana