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From seasoned fly angler to the beginning angler, our treks are tailored to challenge and provide the ultimate in flyfishing within Yellowstone National Park.

Recognized as possibly the best trout waters anywhere,
Yellowstone's backcountry offers a variety of outstanding localities.

Guests may choose from outstanding angling for brook trout, grayling, cutthroat and rainbow.

 Our guides are available to share knowledge and techniques to assist in providing a successful angling experience.

Fly Fishing Trek Examples

Slough Creek

Fishing one of the top cutthroat fisheries within Yellowstone where 15-20 inch trout are common.

Campsites are in the second and third meadows with the option of fishing McBride Lake


Yellowstone River

Camp along the Yellowstone River where cutthroats predominate but also offers rainbow and brook trout. Average size varies between 12 and 15 inches, weighing one to two pounds.


Bechler River

Fish for good sized cutthroat and rainbow trout. This trip might include a hot pool soak.

Other customized fishing treks may include:

Heart Lake, Gardner River, Lamar River, Grebe Lake, Fan Creek,
Sportsman Lake Wolf Lake, Grizzly Lake, Straight Creek, Winter Creek,
The Thoroughfare and many lesser known areas

“Thanks again for a wonderful trip to Yellowstone. This was my sixth trip into Slough Creek with clients of mine, an excellent trip as usual and I thank you for your fine hospitality. They all commented about the excellent meals you provided. Your ability to provide a comfortable camp with the use of trained llamas really adds to an already enjoyable trip. Handling the llamas was very easy. The fishing was excellent! We caught some beautiful cutthroats. I look forward to another trip to Slough Creek this coming summer”.

Mike Etchingham (Etch)